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What is Balloon Sinuplasty

Balloon Sinuplasty is a breakthrough in surgery techniques to cure sinusitis. This safe and minimally invasive surgical procedure involves no cutting of the nasal bone or tissue and preserves the original anatomy of the sinus. Over 350,000 patients worldwide suffering from chronic and acute symptoms of sinusitis have been cured by this.

ENT surgeons use balloon sinuplasty in cases where patients diagnosed with sinusitis do not respond to medications and/or the situation is severe or chronic. The balloon technology is an endoscopic, catheter-based system that uses a balloon over a wire catheter. This system is used to dilate the sinus passageways and when the balloon is inflated, it is hoped that the walls of the sinus passageways widen dilating the sinus openings. The main aim of the procedure is to restore the normal drainage of the sinuses.

This technique has proven effective in many clinical tests where patients have reported an improvement in the symptoms and the quality of the lives. The recovery time is one of the biggest advantages of Balloon Sinuplasty. The patients can usually get back to their normal lives within 2 days after the surgery.

There is no need of a special operation theatre for conducting balloon sinuplasty. A growing number of ENT specialists are performing the surgery in their own clinics with their patients under local anaesthesia. This is a very appealing option for the patients because they want relief from sinusitis and do not want to be under stress of being in operation theatres.
Further, the doctor’s clinic is a much more comfortable environment compared to the hospital. Some patients decline general anaesthesia or are ineligible. They also can find relief with this procedure which can be done under local anaesthesia.

Balloon Sinuplasty is technically very similar to balloon angioplasty that is used by heart surgeons. The inflamed sinuses in sinuplasty are opened the same way as the arteries are opened in angioplasty.

This technique assures high patient satisfaction and has potential cost saving prospects as well. It has been found that the patients who undergo this procedure are at a high probability to recommend it to their family or friends. Being able to do the procedure anywhere reduces the cost of the surgery drastically.

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