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Is Balloon Sinuplasty the right choice for you

Surgery is the last option for any type of illness unless the only cure of it is through surgery. Many patients can be easily cured of sinusitis by using antibiotics and other medications. But if the issue is severe and/or the medical therapy hasn’t been effective in relieving you off your symptoms, then the ENT specialist may recommend a Balloon Sinuplasty.

Further, it has been found that only a person with favourable anatomy can undergo Balloon Sinuplasty. The reason is that certain abnormalities or defects can obstruct the device and make the procedure difficult for the surgeon. In patients with these problems, the ENT specialist may recommend the Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (ESS), which is the more traditional method. You should carefully answer the questions asked by the doctor and also undergo the preliminary tests prescribed to find out whether you are fit for the procedure or not.

Balloon sinuplasty is an innovative technique and has brought relief to thousands of patients across the world. If you pass for this test, then you can get quick relief from both acute and chronic sinusitis. The benefits of the procedure outweigh any risks and there are no incisions or visible scars after the surgery.

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